Diabetes myths debunked

More than 400 million people in the world have diabetes, and the WHO expects that by 2030 this chronic disease will rank seventh among the causes of death.

While you cannot prevent type 1 diabetes at all, just maintaining a healthy weight may help at least delay the second type. Also, in the first case the only solution are daily insulin injections throughout life. With the second one, simple lifestyle changes along with proper treatment help a lot.

Type 2 diabetes develops mainly in adults and the elderly, usually those with excess weight. People suffering from the deficiency of insulin secretion should take medications that help control blood sugar levels, and pay special attention to their diet and physical activity.

Here are most common myths, and scientifically proven facts about this disease.

Sugar consumption causes diabetes

In fact, eating too much sugar can potentially lead to obesity, and thus promote the development of type 2 diabetes. At the same time, genetics also plays a great role in it. In addition, type 1 diabetes has nothing in common with the desserts we eat.

You can notice it easily

Unfortunately, that is true only for type 1, which develops rapidly and has quite obvious symptoms. Type 2 can last for a long time without any signs, and the absence of treatment may lead to serious complications. For example, this health condition may affect your kidneys and heart.

Type 1 diabetes develops only in children

While type 2 is more common in people older than 45 years, type 1 can occur at absolutely any age.

With diabetes, you cannot eat sweets

Surely, you have to adjust the diet if you have any kind of this disorder. But the main thing is eating more healthy foods, not just unsweetened ones. Thus you will ease the symptoms, and lose excess weight, that is also very important.

Insulin causes dependence, and medications may harm you

In fact, insulin injections are vital for people with type 1 diabetes, and proper drugs help patients with type 2 diabetes to manage it. For example, Metformin helps adjust blood sugar level effectively. Besides, you may need other drugs, particularly for cholesterol and blood pressure.

Also, insulin causes weight gain

Of course, if you continue eating foods high in calories, and not exercise at all, you will gain weight. But it has nothing to do with insulin injections.

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