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Yasmin is one the most popular and effective birth control pills, which fits most women of almost all ages. In addition, this medication treats acne, swelling, and helps with irregular periods.

Yasmin Price

Package Per item Price Savings
Yasmin 3.03 mg x 28 $1.75 $49.06
Yasmin 3.03 mg x 42 $1.61 $67.69 $5.89
Yasmin 3.03 mg x 63 $1.52 $95.66 $14.72
Yasmin 3.03 mg x 84 $1.47 $123.62 $23.55
Yasmin 3.03 mg x 126 $1.42 $179.54 $41.21
Yasmin 3.03 mg x 168 $1.40 $235.47 $58.87

About Yasmin

Yasmin is widely used for preventing pregnancy, but also to treat acne, and to regulate periods. This birth control pill contains a combination of progesterone and estrogen hormones. Due to that, it thickens the mucus in the cervix and changes the lining of the uterus, thus helping prevent ovulation. Because of its wide range of positive effects, the drug is very popular all over the world. Not only women who are not ready to have children right now take this medicine on a regular basis.

If you’ve already tried Yasmin, you definitely know that this modern contraceptive is reliable, comfortable and harmless both for the health in general and for the reproductive function in particular. On the other side, every single body is unique, so you should better consult a doctor before you buy Yasmin. Safety and efficacy of any birth control drug may vary, depending on various factors, including hormone levels, other health conditions, and even age.

However, Yasmin birth control pills have certain advantages. First of all, this drug acts perfectly as an anti-pregnancy medication. Furthermore, these pills help normalize the hormonal background of the woman’s body, thus improving the condition of the skin and hair, normalizing periods, and even relieving menstrual pain.

Yasmin Dosage

Using Yasmin is really easy. Just read the label, or follow your doctor’s instructions. For example, start the pack on the first day of your period, and continue taking a tablet a day until you need birth control, without any breaks. Take the pill at the same time every day, with food or away from meals. Even if you have sex rarely, or if you have side effects, do not miss a dose. In case of persistent unpleasant side effects, visit a specialist.

Another option is to take the drug for 21 days, and have a 7-days break before the next cycle. Also keep in mind that, as any birth control, Yasmin has certain properties you should be aware of. For example, hormonal pills do not start working immediately, they need to be taken at the same time daily, and they cannot prevent sexually transmitted diseases. The main thing is that the effectiveness of the drug depends on your own reliability. It achieves 87%, that is great in comparison with other methods. Commonly, doctors recommend this birth control for women aged 18 to 40 years.

Yasmin Side Effects

Although Yasmin is highly effective for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy, acne, swelling and excessive engorgement of the mammary glands treatment, as well as against irregular periods, it also may cause certain side effects. In addition, it may be unsafe to take the medication if you are allergic to its components, or if you have diabetes, breast cancer, heart or blood pressure problems.

Often, the first days after you start taking Yasmin, so-called false period occurs. Later, the bleeding ends. This is absolutely normal. Possible side effects of the medicine include dizziness, nausea, vomiting and stomach ache. In very rare cases, women may gain weight when using hormonal birth control pills. But that means only that you need to choose another medication or method that fits you better. Yasmin itself never causes obesity.

Buy Yasmin: Prices

You can buy Yasmin at your local drugstore, or order it on the internet. The price will be a little smaller if you purchase the drug online without a prescription. Usually, women who take 21 pills per month, prefer buying 3-month pack. Its price starts from $100 in most online drugstores, as a rule.

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